Free Association Boxes

Spending weekends in New Orleans while participating in a Jungian Analyst’s study group, I wandered the streets of the French Quarter before driving home. I was drawn into the tobacco shops and the artistry of the forms and decoration of the cigar boxes. I also felt an affinity for the tobacco which was the material of the cigars and which also lined some of the interiors. I recognized tobacco in relation to Freud and his cigars and also as a material that is understood to have metaphysical properties in traditional indigenous African religious systems.

I also thought about aspects of ourselves we all embody as human beings, and made photos of individuals’ hands using my Holga camera. I printed the images in the darkroom and toned them with selenium and gold. I began collecting objects that called me and making assemblages in the boxes working intuitively. Reflecting on what I had made, I engaged in a free association process after which I wrote poems.